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1617 Katalog : Gavin DJ Harper
Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius

Penerbit McGraw Hill, New York, 2008

Deskripsi : History of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, The Hydrogen Economy, Producing Hydrogen, Hydrogen Storage, Platinum Fuel Cells, Alkaline Fuel Cells, PEM Fuel Cells, Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, Microbial Fuel Cells, High-Temperature Fuel Cells, Scratch-Built Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Safety, Hydrogen Transport, More Fun with Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Competitions.

Jumlah : 208 hal. - 10536 KB UNDUH

1616 Katalog : Venkataramana Ajjarapu
Computational Techniques for Voltage Stability Assessment

Penerbit Springer, USA, 2006

Deskripsi : Numerical Bifurcation Techniques, Continuation Power Flow, Sensitivity Analysis for Voltage Stability, Voltage Stability Margin Boundary Tracing, Time Domain Simulation.

Jumlah : 256 hal. - 8929 KB UNDUH

1615 Katalog : Shengwei Mei
Power Grid Complexity

Penerbit Springer, Netherlands, 2011

Deskripsi : SOC and Complex Networks, Foundation of SOC in Power Systems, Power Grid Growth and Evolution, Complex Small-World Power Grids, Decomposition and Coordination of Static Power Grids, Vulnerability Assessment of Static Power Grids, Simplification, Equivalence, and Synchronization Control of Dynamic Power Grids, Blackout Model Based on DC Power Flow, Blackout Model Considering Reactive Power/Voltage Characteristics, Blackout Model Based on the OTS, Applications to Generation Expansion Planning and Power Network Planning, Applications in Electric Power Emergency Management Platform.

Jumlah : 472 hal. - 6337 KB UNDUH

1585 Katalog : Hassan Bevrani
Intelligent Automatic Generation Control

Penerbit CRC Press, New York, 2011

Deskripsi : Intelligent Power System Operation and Control: Japan Case Study, Automatic Generation Control (AGC): Fundamentals and Concepts, Intelligent AGC: Past Achievements and New Perspectives, Neural-Network-Based AGC Design, AGC Systems Concerning Renewable Energy Sources, AGC Design Using Multiagent Systems, Bayesian-Network-Based AGC Approach, Fuzzy Logic and AGC Systems, Frequency Regulation Using Energy Capacitor System, Application of Genetic Algorithm in AGC Synthesis, Frequency Regulation in Isolated Systems with Dispersed Power Sources.

Jumlah : 298 hal. - 5613 KB UNDUH

1584 Katalog : KR Padiyar
Facts Controllers in Power Transmission and Distribution

Penerbit New Age International Publishers, India, 2007

Deskripsi : AC Transmission Line and Reactive Power Compensation, Static Var Compensator, Thyristor and GTO Controlled Series Capacitor, Static Phase Shifting Transformer, Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), Static Synchronous Series Compensator, Unified Power Flow Controller and other Multi-Converter Devices, Interphase Power Controller and other FACTS Devices, Power Oscillation Damping, Improvement of Transient Stability, Power Quality and Introduction to Custom Power Devices, Load Compensation and Distribution STATCOM, Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Unified Power Quality Conditioner.

Jumlah : 549 hal. - 5149 KB UNDUH

1583 Katalog : Enrique Acha
FACTS - Modelling and Simulation in Power Networks

Penerbit John Wiley & Sons, England, 2004

Deskripsi : Modelling of FACTS Controllers, Modelling of Conventional Power Plant, Conventional Power Flow, Power Flow Including FACTS Controllers, Three-phase Power Flow, Optimal Power Flow, Power Flow Tracing.

Jumlah : 420 hal. - 4918 KB UNDUH

1582 Katalog : Chris Harris
electricity markets pricing, structures and economics

Penerbit John Wiley & Sons, England, 2006

Deskripsi : The Basics. Structure, Operation and Management of the Electricity Supply Chain. Policy – Issues, Priorities, Stakeholders, Influencers. Liberalisation, Deregulation and Regulation. Market Structures for Electricity. Power Capacity. Location. Environment, Amenity, Corporate Responsibility. Price and Derivatives Modelling. Economic Principles in Relation to the ESI. Financial Modelling of Power Plant. Security of Supply.

Jumlah : 544 hal. - 4696 KB UNDUH

1581 Katalog : Geoffrey Stokes
Handbook of Electrical Installation

Penerbit Blackwell, USA, 2003

Deskripsi : Power Supplies in the UK, Substations and Control Rooms, Site Distribution Systems, Cable Management Systems, Electricity on Construction Sites, Standby Power Supplies, Ground Earthing, Cathodic Protection, Lightning Protection, Special Installations or Locations, Electrical Safety, Standards, Specifications and Codes of Practice, etc.

Jumlah : 689 hal. - 4187 KB UNDUH

1577 Katalog : Davis W Edwards
Energy trading and investing

Penerbit McGraw Hill, New York, 2010

Deskripsi : Trading, Risk Management, and Structuring Deals in the Energy Markets : An overview of the energy market, trading market, natural gas, electricity, oil, coal, Emissions markets, polustion, gases, liquids and solids, statistic, financial, etc.

Jumlah : 398 hal. - 4167 KB UNDUH

1576 Katalog : Thomas Worzyk
Submarine Power Cables Design, Installation, Repair, Environmental Aspects (Power Systems)

Penerbit Springer, New York, 2009

Deskripsi : Applications of Submarine Power Cables, Submarine Power Cables and Their Design Elements, Design, Accessories, Manufacturing and Testing, Marine Survey, Installation and Protection of Submarine Power Cables, Damages and Repair, Operation and Maintenance: Reliability, Environmental Issues.

Jumlah : 306 hal. - 3819 KB UNDUH

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