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1690 Katalog : Brookings - Wharton
Papers on Urban Affairs 2009

Penerbit BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PRES S, Washington DC, 2009

Deskripsi : Job Decentralization and Residential Location, Subprime Mortgage Pricing: The Impact of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender on the Cost of Borrowing, What Explains the Quantity and Quality of Local Inventive Activity?, Urban Sprawl in Europe, Connecting Lagging and Leading Regions: The Role of Labor Mobility, A Reconsideration of the NAS Rule from an Industrial Agglomeration Perspective, Comments.

Jumlah : 237 hal. - 3459 KB UNDUH

1689 Katalog : Michel Conan
Perspectives on Garden Histories

Penerbit Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington DC, 1999

Deskripsi : Prelude: Landscape Studies, 1952–1972. The Study of the History of the Italian Garden. Recent Developments and Perspectives in the Historiography of Italian Gardens. Approaches (New and Old) to Garden History. History and Historiography in the English Landscape Garden. Mughal Gardens: The Re-emergence of Comparative Possibi and the Wavering of Practical Concern. “Leaping the Property Line”: Observations on Recent American Garden History. The Search for “Ecological Goodness” among Garden Historians. From Vernacular Gardens to a Social Anthropology of Gardening. Longing and Belonging in Chinese Garden History.

Jumlah : 235 hal. - 3283 KB UNDUH

1688 Katalog : Gerard B McCabe
Planning the Modern Public Library Building

Penerbit Libraries Unlimited, London, 2003

Deskripsi : The Planning Begins, Rallying Support, Key Issues for Planning, Joint-Use Libraries, Services for Children, Young Adults, and Seniors, Technology, Notable Buildings.

Jumlah : 295 hal. - 2857 KB UNDUH

1687 Katalog : Walter L Crimm
Planning Sucessful Museum Building

Penerbit Altamira, New York, 2009

Deskripsi : Planning and Organizing for Success. Roles, Responsibilities, and Building the Team. The Heart of the Museum: Exhibits, Collections, and Educational Programs. Hiring Your Design and Construction Teams. Project Management: Predesign, Design, Construction, and Closeout. Physical Framework Defining What You Will Build. Financial Planning and Cost Management. The Capital Campaign. Communications Strategies. Operations.

Jumlah : 303 hal. - 2776 KB UNDUH

1686 Katalog : Igor Marjanovic
Practical Experience

Penerbit Elsevier, New York, 2005

Deskripsi : Where to Go, Case studies, how to get there.

Jumlah : 240 hal. - 2292 KB UNDUH

1685 Katalog : Derek Clements
Naturally Ventilated Buildings

Penerbit E & FN Spon, USA, 2003

Deskripsi : The Sense of Beauty, From Homogeneity to Heterogeneity, Specifying Indoor Climate, The User's Role in Environmental Control: Some Reflections on Theory in Practice, Environmental Criteria for Naturally Ventilated Buildings, Against the Draft CEN Standard: pr ENV 1752, An Adaptive Approach to Thermal Comfort Criteria, Natural Ventilation: Prediction, Measurement and Design Reality, Specifying Environmental Conditions for Naturally Ventilated Buildings;A Consultant's View, Natural Ventilation in a Large Mixed Mode Building.

Jumlah : 198 hal. - 2128 KB UNDUH

1684 Katalog : Nicola Garmory
Professional Practice for Landscape Architects

Penerbit Elsevier, New York, 2007

Deskripsi : Landscape practice, Liability and the law, Planning legislation, Environmental legislation, Tendering, Contract and contract administration, The JCLI Agreements.

Jumlah : 308 hal. - 1314 KB UNDUH

1683 Katalog : Michael Steffen
Moisture in wood frame building

Penerbit Canadian Wood Council, Canada, 2000

Deskripsi : Building Performance Series No. 1.

Jumlah : 20 hal. - 586 KB UNDUH

1680 Katalog : Allison Lee Palmer
Historical Dictionary of Architecture

Penerbit The Scarecrow Press, Inc., Maryland, 2008


Jumlah : 399 hal. - 2310 KB UNDUH

1679 Katalog : Brian Richardson
Marketing for Architects and Engineers

Penerbit E & FN Spon, New York, 1995

Deskripsi : Markets and marketing, Scenario planning, Synthesis marketing, Strategic mapping, A synthesis marketing programme, Architecture centres: a marketing case study.

Jumlah : 151 hal. - 1206 KB UNDUH

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