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1716 Katalog : Mike Jenks
Future Forms and Design for Sustainable Cities

Penerbit Elsevier, New York, 2005

Deskripsi : Back to the City: A Route to Urban Sustainability. The Intelligent City: Ubiquitous Network or Humane Environment?. Towards the Spatial Sustainability of City-regions: A Comparative Study of Tokyo and Randstad. The Multi-modal Urban Region: A Concept to Combine Environmental and Economic Goals. Etc.

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1715 Katalog : Sally Lewis
Front to Back A Design Agenda for Urban Housing

Penerbit Elsevier, New York, 2005

Deskripsi : The urban design agenda, The sustainability agenda, The community agenda, The social agenda, A design agenda, Introduction to the case studies, Housing at Parc de Bercy, Paris, Tango Housing at Bo01, Malmo, Century Court, Cheltenham, Palm Housing, Coin Street, London, Homes in the Calle del Carme, Barcelona.

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1710 Katalog : Helen M Parkins
Roman Urbanism Beyond the Consumer City

Penerbit Routledge, New York, 1997

Deskripsi : Writing the Romanmetropolis, The idea of a city: élite ideology and the evolution of urban form in Italy, 200 BC–AD 100, Cities in context: urban systems in Roman Italy, Mobility and social change in Italian towns during the principate, The ‘consumer city’ domesticated? The Roman city in élite economic strategies. Roman households: an archaeological perspective, Ritual and power in the Romano-Egyptian city, Ideology and reception: reading symbols of Roman Cyrene, Beyond belief? Drawing a line beneath the consumer city.

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1709 Katalog : Gabrielle Esperdy
Modernizing Main Street

Penerbit The University of Chicago Press, USA, 2008

Deskripsi : Main Street, U.S.A, The New Deal on Main Street, Marketing Modernization, The Architecture of Consumption, Modernism on Main Street, Conclusion: A Main Street Modernized.

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1708 Katalog : J Duncan Glover
Power System Analysis And Design

Penerbit Cengage Learning, USA, 2012

Deskripsi : Fundamentals, Power Transformers, Transmission Line Parameters, Transmission Lines: Steady- State Operation, Power Flows, Symmetrical Faults, Symmetrical Components, Unsymmetrical Faults, System Protection, Transient Stability, Power System Controls, Transmission Lines: Transient Operation, POWER DISTRIBUTION.

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1707 Katalog : Wei Tong
Wind Power Generation and Wind Turbine

Penerbit WITpress, USA, 2010

Deskripsi : Basics in Wind Power Generation, Design of Modern Wind Turbines, Design of Wind Turbine Components, Important Issues in Wind Turbine Design.

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1700 Katalog : RM Dempsey

Penerbit -, California, 1991


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1699 Katalog : -

Penerbit US Army Aviation Logistics School, Virginia, 1994

Deskripsi : Hydraulic Reservoirs, Filters, Pumps, Accumulators, and Motors. Basic Construction and Operation of Hydraulic Actuating Devices, Flow Control, and Directional Devices. Hydraulic Pressure-Limiting, Controlling, and Sensing Devices.

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1697 Katalog : Kristen S. Kurland
AutoCAD 3D Training Manual

Penerbit -, -, 2004

Deskripsi : Controlling Views, Thickness and Elevation, Visualizing the Model, Z Coordinates, User Coordinate System, 3D Orbit Commands, Dynamic View - Perspective, 3D Model Objects, 2D Solids and 3D Faces, 3D Surfaces, Complex Surfaces, Solids, 3D Edits, Solid Composites, Modifying Solid Objects, Enhancing the Drawing Process, Rendering, Materials, Lights, Scenes, Backgrounds, Landscaping, Misc. Render Commands.

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1696 Katalog : -

Penerbit United States Army Combined Arms Support Command, USA, -

Deskripsi : Direct Expansion and Absorption System, Centrifugal Systems and Water Treatment, Centrifugal Water Pumps and Electronic Control Systems..

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