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1765 Katalog : Susan Toby Evans
Palaces of the Ancient New World

Penerbit Dumbarton Oaks, Washington DC, 2004

Deskripsi : Palaces of the Ancient New World: An Introduction, Aztec Palaces and Other Elite Residential Architecture, Elite Residences in West Mexico, Royal Palaces and Painted Tombs: State and Society in the Valley of Oaxaca, Palaces of Tikal and Copán, Identifying Subroyal Elite Palaces at Copán and Aguateca, The Concept of the Palace in the Andes, Palaces and Politics in the Andean Middle Horizon, Identifying Chimú Palaces: Elite Residential Architecture in the Late Intermediate Period, Enclosures of Power: The Multiple Spaces of Inca Administrative Palaces, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Luxury and Daily Life in the Households of Machu Picchu’s Elite, Body, Presence, and Space in Andean and Mesoamerican Rulership.

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1764 Katalog : Paul Holscher
Rapid Load Testing on Piles

Penerbit CRE Press, New York, 2009

Deskripsi : Belgian national project on screw piles – Overview of the comparative load testing program, Recommendations for Statnamic use and interpretation of piles installed in clay, Load transfer in rapid load pile tests in clays, Practice of rapid load testing in Japan, Influence of rate effect and pore water pressure during Rapid Load Test of piles in sand, Concrete stress determination in Rapid Load Tests, Rapid model pile load tests in the geotechnical centrifuge, Database of field measurements of SLT and RLT for calibration, Draft standard for execution of a rapid load test.

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1760 Katalog : Ralph L Knowles
Ritual House Drawing on Natures Rhythms for Architecture and Urban Design

Penerbit IslandPress, London, 2006

Deskripsi : Sheltering, Migration, Transformation, Metabolism, Sheltering the Soul, Settings and Rituals, Boundaries and Choices, The Solar Envelope, The Interstitium, The New Architecture of the Sun.

Jumlah : 224 hal. - 5545 KB UNDUH

1759 Katalog : Yasser Elsheshtawy
Planning Middle Eastern Cities An Urban Kaleidoscope

Penerbit Routledge, London, 2004

Deskripsi : Illustration Credits and Sources, The Contributors, The Middle East City: Moving beyond the Narrative of Loss, The Merits of Cities' Locations, The Spatial Development and Urban Transformation of Colonial and Postcolonial Algiers, Globalization and the Search for Modern Local Architecture: Learning from Baghdad, Sana'a: Transformation of the Old City and the Impacts of the Modern Era, Lake Tunis, or the Concept of the Third Centre, Cairo's Urban Dej Vu: Globalization and Urban Fantasies, Redrawing Boundaries: Dubai, an Emerging Global City.

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1758 Katalog : John Worthington
Reinventing the Workplace 2nd

Penerbit Elsevier, New York, 2006


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1750 Katalog : Dogan Kuban
Muslim Religious Architecture

Penerbit Brill Academic Publishers, Istanbul, 1985

Deskripsi : Egypt in the Fatimid Period, The Mosque in North Africa after the Ninth Century, Mamluk Architecture in Egypt, Mosque Architecture in Areas of Irano-Turkish Culture (Iran, Central Asia and Afghanistan), Mosques in the Indian Sub-Continent, Mosque Design in the Anatolian-Turkish Region, Religious Memorials and Tombs of Holy Men, Institutions of Learning: The Madrasa, The Muslim 'Convent': The Ribat *, The Khanqah*, The Zawiya*.

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1749 Katalog : Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Project Extension of Reina Sofia Museum

Penerbit Progetti, -, 2007

Deskripsi : -

Jumlah : 12 hal. - 4250 KB UNDUH

1748 Katalog : Richard Rogers partnership
Project National Assembly for Wales

Penerbit Progetti, -, 2007

Deskripsi : -

Jumlah : 12 hal. - 4075 KB UNDUH

1747 Katalog : Jonathan Hill
Occupying Architecture Between the Architect and the User

Penerbit Routledge, New York, 1999

Deskripsi : Building an Architect, Curriculum Vitae: The Architect’s Cultural Capital: Educational Practices and Financial Investments, ResponseAbility: The Ability to Provoke or Provide Response, Architecture of the Impure Community, Contaminating Contemplation, Space Within, Shared Ground, An Other Architect, The Landscape of Luxury, The Knowing and Subverting Reader, Body Architecture: Skateboarding and the Creation of Super-Architectural Space, Striking Home: The Telematic Assault on Identity, Doing It, (Un)Doing It, (Over)Doing It Yourself: Rhetorics of Architectural Abuse.

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1746 Katalog : Igor Marjanovic
Portfolio An Architecture Students Handbook

Penerbit Elsevier, New York, 2003

Deskripsi : Design Cultures, Academic Portfolio, Professional Portfolio, Preparing the Portfolio of Work, The Folio Container, Making the Traditional Portfolio, Making the Traditional Portfolio, Making the Digital Portfolio.

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