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1808 Katalog : C Alan Nichols
Inside Civano Project

Penerbit Mc Graw Hill, New York, 2010

Deskripsi : The Early Stages of Land Planning, The Public/Private Partnership: A Balancing Act, Guiding Growth: Master Planning and Analysis, Impacts and Adjustments: The Basics of High Performance, a.k.a. Green, Germination, Tug of War: Rediscovery, Ground Breaking: Neighborhood One, A Middle Ground—Phase II: The Costs and Benefits of Production Housing, Civano’s DNA: Leading the Evolution, The Future Neighborhoods: Phase III, IV, the Commercial Center, and Beyond.

Jumlah : 320 hal. - 3893 KB UNDUH

1800 Katalog : JD Quirt
Guide for Sound Insulation in Wood Frame Construction NRC

Penerbit IRC, -, 2006

Deskripsi : Basic Concepts, Design Approach, Sound from Airborne Sources, Sound from Impact Sources.

Jumlah : 104 hal. - 3921 KB UNDUH

1790 Katalog : Jeremy Stranks
Human Factor and Behavioral Safety

Penerbit Elsevier, Burlington, 2007

Deskripsi : Human behaviour and safety, Human sensory and perceptual processes, Organizations and groups, People factors, etc.

Jumlah : 499 hal. - 2331 KB UNDUH

1789 Katalog : Carl Sandom
Human factors for engineers control

Penerbit The Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, 2009

Deskripsi : Human factors and cost benefits, Human factors integration, Humans: skills, capabilities and limitations, The human factors toolkit, Task analysis, Automation and human work, To engineer is to err, Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of human error in risk assessment, Control room design, etc.

Jumlah : 389 hal. - 1518 KB UNDUH

1785 Katalog : -
licht wissen 05 Industry and Trade

Penerbit, -, -

Deskripsi : Lighting as a productivity factor, More light is better, Visual task lighting, Energy-efficient lighting, Refurbishment and maintenance, Operating conditions, Lamps, Luminaires, Quality inspection, Metal processing, Mechanical and plant engineering, Automotive engineering, Electrical and electronic engineering, Printing, Chemical facilities and laboratories, Cleanrooms, Plastics processing, Food processing, Heavy industry, Storage and logistics, Woodworking, Automobile workshops, Laundries and cleaners, Watchmaking and jewellery production, Hairdressing salons, Beauty salons, Butcheries, Bakeries, Extracts from DIN EN 12464-1, publications.

Jumlah : 60 hal. - 3757 KB UNDUH

1784 Katalog : Victoria Rosner
Modernism and the Architecture of Private Life

Penerbit Columbia University Press, New York, 2005

Deskripsi : Kitchen Table Modernism, Frames, Thresholds, Studies, Interiors.

Jumlah : 241 hal. - 3153 KB UNDUH

1783 Katalog : Takehito Takano
Healthy Cities and Urban Policy Research

Penerbit Spon Press, London, 2003

Deskripsi : Development of Healthy Cities and need for research, The third phase (1998 2002) of the Healthy Cities Project in Europe, Healthy Cities Project in the Western Pacific, Health and sustainability gains from urban regeneration and development, Analysis of health determinants for Healthy Cities programmes: health profiles and indicators, Indicators for Healthy Cities: tools for evidence-based urban policy formation, The effectiveness of community-based health promotion in Healthy Cities programmes, Applicability of information technologies for health, Nurturing Healthy Cities: research responsibility and accountability, etc.

Jumlah : 319 hal. - 2021 KB UNDUH

1780 Katalog : Tony Bennett
Pasts Beyond Memory Evolution Museums Colonialism

Penerbit Routledge, New York, 2004

Deskripsi : Dead circuses: expertise, exhibition, government, The archaeological gaze of the historical sciences, Reassembling the museum, The connective tissue of civilisation, Selective memory: racial recall and civic renewal at the American Museum of Natural History, Evolutionary ground zero: colonialism and the fold of memory, Words, things and vision: evolution 'at a glance', Postscript: slow modernity.

Jumlah : 250 hal. - 6295 KB UNDUH

1779 Katalog : Gonzalo Lizarralde
Rebuilding after Disasters From Emergency to Sustainability

Penerbit Spon Press, USA, 2010

Deskripsi : Rebuilding after disasters: from emergency to sustainability, Post-disaster low-cost housing solutions: learning from the poor, Appropriate technology for post-disaster reconstruction, Planning for temporary housing, Multi-actor arrangements and project management, Stakeholder articipation in post-disaster reconstruction programmes – New Orleans’ Lakeview: a case study, Surviving the second tsunami: land rights in the face of buffer zones, land grabs and development, Who governs reconstruction? Changes and continuity in policies, practices and outcomes, The politics of participation: involving communities in post-disaster reconstruction, User equirements and responsible reconstruction, Space and place after natural disasters and forced displacement, The importance of institutional and community resilience in post-disaster reconstruction, From complexity to strategic planning for sustainable reconstruction.

Jumlah : 294 hal. - 6064 KB UNDUH

1778 Katalog : J Theodore Pena
Roman Pottery in the Archaeological Record Architecture Design

Penerbit Cambridge, New York, 2007

Deskripsi : A Model of the Life Cycle of Roman Pottery, Background Considerations, Prime Use, The Reuse of Amphorae as Packaging Containers, The Reuse of Amphorae for Purposes Other than as Packaging Containers, The Reuse of the Other Functional Categories of Pottery, Maintenance, Recycling, Discard and Reclamation, Modeling the Formation of the Roman Pottery Record.

Jumlah : 450 hal. - 6241 KB UNDUH

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