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1575 Katalog : Vinu V Das
Power Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Penerbit Springer, India, 1998

Deskripsi : Novel Design for RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch in K and Ku Bands, Power System Dynamic Stability Enhancement of SMIB Using Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer, A Novel Configuration of Unified Power Flow Controller, New Results on the Global Chaos Synchronization for Liu-Chen-Liu and Lü Chaotic Systems, etc.

Jumlah : 126 hal. - 2742 KB UNDUH

1570 Katalog : Kathleen James
German Architecture for a Mass Audience

Penerbit Routledge, London, 2000

Deskripsi : Space, Simplicity, Spirituality, Spectacle, Postwar legacy, 6 The new Berlin.

Jumlah : 183 hal. - 12633 KB UNDUH

1565 Katalog : Robert T Ratay
Forensic Structural Engineering Handbook

Penerbit McGraw Hill, New York, 2000

Deskripsi : The Design and Construction Process. Design Codes, Standards, and Manuals. Construction Safety Codes, Standards. The First Steps after a Failure. Legal Concerns after a Failure. Engineering Investigation of Failures. Standard of Care. Litigation and Dispute Resolution. The Expert Consultant and Witness. Loads and Hazards. Steel Structures. Concrete Structures. Masonry Structures. The Building Envelope. Timber Structures. Structural Foundations. Temporary Structures.

Jumlah : 808 hal. - 11868 KB UNDUH

1564 Katalog : Pal Ciprian
Frank Lloyd Wright Treasure of Art

Penerbit Trewin Copplestone, New York, 1999

Deskripsi : Studio palque, own house and studio (intrance entance, terrace apartemen, house, etc.

Jumlah : 87 hal. - 11861 KB UNDUH

1563 Katalog : Kelly Luckett
Green Roof Construction n Maintenance

Penerbit McGraw Hill, New York, 2009

Deskripsi : Design, Structural Design, Waterproofing, The Dirt on Green Roof Soil, Construction, Plants, Maintenance, Realistic Expectations, The Environment, Return on Investment, Quantifying the Benefits of Green Roofs.

Jumlah : 208 hal. - 11534 KB UNDUH

1557 Katalog : -
Plane sense general Aviation Infoemation

Penerbit US Departement of Trasnportation, USA, 2008

Deskripsi : FAA-H-8083-19A: Aircraft owner responsibilities, Buying an Aircraft, Airworthiness Certificate, Aircraft registration, special Flight Permits, light-sport Aircraft, Aircraft maintenance, maintenance records, Airworthiness directives, service difficulty Program, obtaining FAA Publications and records.

Jumlah : 100 hal. - 15111 KB UNDUH

1556 Katalog : -
Risk Management Handbook

Penerbit US Departement of Trasnportation, USA, 2009

Deskripsi : FAA-H-8O32-2: Defining Elements of Risk Management, Human Behavior, Identifying and Mitigating Risk, Assessing Risk, Aeronautical Decision-Making: A Basic Staple, Single-Pilot Resource Management, Automation, Risk Management Training.

Jumlah : 112 hal. - 13347 KB UNDUH

1555 Katalog : Sarah Bonnemaison
Festival Architecture

Penerbit Routledge, London, 2008

Deskripsi : The festive experience: Roman processions in the urban context, Festival bridal entries in Renaissance Ferrara, Festivals of state: The scenography of power in late Renaissance and Baroque Venice, Statecraft or stagecraft?: English paper architecture in the seventeenth century, Framing history: The Jubilee of 1625, the dedication of new Saint Peter’s and the Baldacchino, The speculative challenges of festival architecture in eighteenth-century France, Marking time and space in the city: Kromhout’s decorations for the investiture of Wilhelmina in Amsterdam, Sound, light, and the mystique of space: Paris 1937, Festival urbanism: Carnival as an expression of civil society in nineteenth-century Basel, Taking back the street, Paris 1968–78.

Jumlah : 341 hal. - 10756 KB UNDUH

1554 Katalog : Catherine Dee
Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture

Penerbit Spon Press, London, 2001

Deskripsi : Landscape fabric, Spaces, Paths, Edges, Foci, Thresholds, Detail.

Jumlah : 223 hal. - 10089 KB UNDUH

1553 Katalog : Simon Bell
Elements of Visual Design in the Landscape

Penerbit Spon Press, London, 2004

Deskripsi : Basic elements, Variables, Organization, Case studies.

Jumlah : 230 hal. - 8550 KB UNDUH

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